A Practical Guide

to Finding and Hiring

a Product Manager

A full-day corporate training


  • HR and recruitment specialists

  • hiring managers and interviewers

  • founders and executives 


  • to find your 1st product manager with the right fit 

  • to establish an efficient hiring process for scaling the product team

  • A full day of mastering the product recruitment skills 

  • A ramped-up end-to-end recruitment cycle: from identifying the need for a product manager to a successful offer 

  • ⅔ of the workshop dedicated to practical tasks, analysis & feedback 

  • Modelling of real-life work situations

  • Cases and advice based on the trainers’ own experience & industry expertise 

  • 20+ templates, scripts and cheat sheets



Volodymyr Levytskyi

Hired over 350 specialists for the world’s leading product companies such as Ebay (Magento), Wix & Snap Inc

Volodymyr Mirnenko

The 1st product manager in Wix Kyiv office. Been on both sides of the interview process hundreds of times in Ukraine and Great Britain


Product Manager Role Definition

There is no unified definition of a PM role. Every company is specific in its own way and the PM role description should clearly state the rights and duties of a product manager to resonate with a relevant candidate.

  • You will get the understanding of product companies types and product manager roles

  • You will analyze what your company needs and what kind of product manager you are looking for

  • You will be able to define what to offer to your ideal candidate 

Sourcing and Screening

Interesting candidates don't often look for a job. To find them you need a well-established process, knowledge of the market and the ability to compare a good-looking CV with real experience.

  • You will find out where to look for product managers aside from LinkedIn & DOU, both online and offline

  • You will be able to set up or seriously improve the candidate sourcing process via new and existing channels 

  • You will learn to recognize more efficiently the candidate's experience based on their profile and common search tools

Building Communication

Product manager motivation goes far beyond the salary. When it comes to experienced candidates it is key for a recruiter to understand their needs and build partnership with them.

  • You will learn to look at your position with the candidate's eyes

  • You will get to know how to understand the candidate's motivation and evoke interest in them

  • You will get the actionable methods of the first contact and further communication


Hiring a product manager costs 3 to 6 of their monthly salaries. Hiring the wrong product manager may cost many times more. Make sure you have a proper testing process in place.

  • You will identify when you need to give candidates a test task

  • You will analyze examples of test tasks from leading product companies

  • You will define the requirements to your test task based on company needs and success criteria

Offer and Feedback

At the final stage of the process you have to nail 2 things: make a convincing offer to the product manager of your choice and thank other top candidates in a professional way.

  • You will perfect your manner of making a job offer to the successful candidate

  • You will learn working tips and tricks on giving feedback to product managers

  • You will learn the optimal way of giving feedback for keeping a positive impression and maintaining a long-term relationship with a candidate


The training package includes:

  • the full 8-hour training day at your premise

  • 2 hours of post-training consulting from either of the trainers

  • 20+ templates, scripts and cheat sheets for you to use

  • Priceless practical knowledge that you can continuously apply and save time & money on all of your product manager hires

Please note:

  • The maximum number of participants is 10.

  • The minimum recommended is 4.

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Tonya Shtarkman, Technical Recruiting Manager at Snap Inc

“Volodymyr [Levytskyi] has brought many talented professionals to Snap Inc. He's an incredible business partner and a true artist of recruiting. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Volodymyr again in the future.”

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